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Avoid Being Misled by Advertisements about Free and Paid Truck Driving Schools!

Truck Driving Schools

Do you think you should sign up for one of the many company paid truck driving schools? Have you decided to get your CDL license and go to a truck driving school that is offering you paid CDL training? If sign an agreement and go to one of these trucking driving schools and everything is going to be fine, right? It sounds like you will have a guaranteed job, free CDL training and a new career!

In a perfect world, and in a trucking industry with a better reputation, the above declaration would hold true for everyone wanting to get free CDL training. In reality though, things donít always go as intended. If you look at the contracts cautiously you will see that there is no guaranteed pay, or even a guarantee that these company paid truck driving schools will put you to work after training.

Here is what you can expect!

You can be certain that if you quit one of these truck driving schools you will be accountable for the price of the free CDL training that you did finish.  You can be certain that if you are not learning as fast as the others, you will be let go and be accountable for the price of the CDL training you did finish. 

You can be certain that if you quit one of these truck driving schools you will be accountable for the price of the training that you did finish. You can be certain that if you are not learning as fast as the others, you will be let go and be held accountable for the price of the CDL training you did finish. How much can they charge you for a portion of the training even though you didnít even get a CDL? The cost can be between $1,400 and $2,300 for one week of truck driving school even if you donít make it through. In some states if you have completed half of the training they can legally charge you for the entire cost.

Will you be a Truck Driving School Victim!

I went to a company sponsored truck driving school and they sent about 5 people out of my driving class home and about 3 more quit. When I started my truck driving job, my pay was 1 Ĺ cents less than stated to me over the phone when I applied. I had no guarantee on paper anywhere. I was frustrated and wanted to quit but that meant about $6,000 or more in truck driving school fees would be going on my credit report, and good luck getting my last paycheck.

The company trucking driving schools that offer this paid/free CDL truck driver training know that you are in a complicated situation and I believe they take advantage of green truck drivers and their lack of information. Free truck driving schools sound good in theory but if examined and investigated you will find that a national independent school with a great reputation can be a better choice for several reasons.

Do it Right the First Time!

Most independent or private programs have many trucking companies that use them as hiring pools. You will more than likely have a choice of trucking companies that you can to go to work for. These schools are in the business of training students and would go bankrupt if they kicked everyone and anyone out who might be struggling with the training.

Most private facilities offer financing and deal with trucking companies that offer tuition repayment if you sign an agreement to work and stay for a certain period of time. A company paid truck driving school can work for some situations, but is definitely not for everyone. Read the contract before you sign something that could cost you so much without even getting your CDL. Information is the key to your success in the trucking industry and it starts with getting accurate information about these scams.

Find a Trucking School that Fits your Situation!

Find out what the training options are for you and in your area. If you are serious about getting your CDL and a truck driver job fill out a short quick contact form below for your state. You will be contacted by a training representative who can provide you with detailed information about your options and answer your questions about the truck driving school that is right for you and your situation.

Fill out our truck driving school form.

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Why is Choosing the Right Trucking School so Important?

Before I got into truck driving I really did not think it really mattered where you got your CDL. I knew how to drive a car good enough, how hard could it be to drive a truck? It is not really that hard at all. There is more to it than just driving a truck down the road. Itís the rules and regulations that you can learn or not learn during your training that can come back to bite you.

The majority of CDL schools rush you in the front door and out the back with a commercial drivers license. You end up getting a job working for a break-in company that cares more about moving freight than you and your license. A lot of these companies are willing to look the other way if you bend the rules a little bit. That is if you even really know what the rules are and the consequences that go with breaking them.

Unfortunately going to a poor trucking school could result in you going to prison for a long time! Thatís Right! Truck drivers are encouraged to fib a little on their log books by dispatchers to get loads moved on time. A log book is just a piece of paper right? No big deal! What could it hurt? You are just trying to make a living and get home on time without having to take another required break right?

Most CDL schools will come up short training you and informing you about these types of things and it is sad. The driver in the article below claimed he didnít know it was against the law in his trial. 20 violations and 5 years for each one! Are you willing to go to prison for taking shortcuts when it comes to getting your CDL training and picking a poor training school? You will be operating a commercial vehicle under federal rules and regulations. Learning to drive a truck is not a game and getting trained properly is crucial! If you are going to get a CDL please fill out a form to go to one of the best truck driving schools you can go to so you will never end up in this situation!

Avoid Being Misled by Advertisements about Free Truck Driving Schools!  


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