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Absolutely the Best Trucking Schools and Information in the Trucking Industry! 

Keys to Finding The Best Trucking School

If you are looking for truck driver training you are probably making a career change and looking to make more money!  The trucking industry is a great place to get a good trucking career job with great benefits and make lots of money. Now you need to find the right trucking school that fits all of your needs.

Some important things to keep in mind when comparing trucking schools are:

  • Cost of the trucking schools
  • Location of the Trucking Schools
  • One on one time with a CDL Trainer
  • Length of the Trucking Schools
  • Skid pad training
  • Truck Driver Job placement

Compare trucking school prices and see if they have applications for grants. Make sure you don’t have to travel to far to a school at your own expense.  Most trucking schools will pay you for traveling.  Will you have to pay for lodging and meals? Will there be a six student to one instructor ratio or 3 to 4 to 1?  Make sure you ask. The lower the number of students per CDL instructor, the more quality time you will have driving a truck.

You don’t want to spent half a year at a truck driver training school! You also don’t want a one week “give us your money, here’s your cdl” school either.  Three to five weeks is about average.  You will be driving a truck so you had better learn how to actually "drive a truck" as well as get your CDL.

A skid pad is a giant special surface lot that is wet with water. It is used to practice recovering from skid with a truck. This is good training and I would recommend finding a trucking school that has a skid pad.  Learning on the skid pad instead of on the highway is a good idea.


You will have a hard time finding a trucking school that has a skid pad these days! Most trucking schools use simulators now!

Trucking schools with Job placement is extremely important!  What good is a cdl if you have zero experience and know one will hire you.  Some trucking companies that hire new truck drivers require that you go through their truck driver training program first, thus you are paying for your cdl twice.  I’m sure you don’t want to do that!  Sometimes going trough a company training program is the best option for you.  A company trucking school will want to train you properly because you will be driving their trucks and working for them as soon as you are done training.  With this method you will get quality training and a trucking job fresh out of school.The only problem with these trucking schools is that you might not make it through the training and end up losing money. Make sure the trucking school you choose has job placement!

After driving for only a few months you will be ready to move on to bigger and better trucking jobs. There are truck driver jobs that pay $65-$95,000 with the ability to be Home Everyday in the trucking industry.  I got into truck driving and got one of these jobs with very little experience at all. Take your time and shop around for the best trucking school that fits all of your needs. Then get ready to go to the next level.

Save Yourself the Headache!

I have done the leg work for you! You can save yourself a lot of trouble and time by just clicking on the state you live in below and finding the best trucking school for your situation and location. Get some information about trucking schools and be on your way to a new trucking career!

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Whether you are a new truck driver or an experienced driver  your goals should be the same.

  • Make the most per mile.
  • Be home as much as possible.
  • Pay as little for health care as possible out of your pocket.
  • Have a pension, a good 401k plan or both.
  • Not have to live in truck stops.
  • Keep more of what  you make.

I accomplished all of these things in a very short period of time.  I talk to many truck drivers on a daily basis who are out on the road just wasting their time! I finally decided to do something about it!

"How to Make $65-95 Thousand Dollars Driving a Truck..........and be Home Everyday!" is for New or Experienced truck drivers. This Ebook was written to help you sort through the nonsense and show you how I got one of the Best trucking jobs with exellent truck driver's pay with ability to be Home Everyday in the Fastest time possible! I got my trucking  job with only three months experience and I'll tell you how some drivers did it withthout any at all!

One of the Best Selling Trucking Ebooks on the Internet is now FREE!

Price = $9.95!

Rich Truck Driver eBook Download

Some truck drivers have been driving for several years and are making 30 cents a mile and are away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time! I just don’t get it!

Too many drivers focus on their pay per mile instead of other important factors.  This is how a lot of trucking companies trick drivers into believing they have a good job.  If you are making 42 cents a mile but you are paying $75 dollars a week for health insurance how much are you really making?  Are you making more than a driver that gets paid 39 cents a mile and pays $25 a week dollars for his insurance?  How many miles will you drive a week?  How long will you be away from home to get it?

Good trucking companies have high pay and low health insurance rates. Good 401 k plans, pensions or both. Paid sick days, paid vacation, paid holidays with the actual holiday’s off. They also make sure their drivers get paid and are home as much as possible!

"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want."
Ben Stein

Price = $9.95!

Rich Truck Driver eBook Download

I make more than "The price of this Ebook" in Less than 1 hour driving for my company!

Absolutely the Best Trucking Schools and Information in the Trucking Industry!

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