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Get the Best Truck Driver Salary in the Trucking Industry!

Truck Driver Salary

I went to work the other day and found out about our new cost of living raise! We are getting 1 ¼ cents a mile!  That’s a good cost of living raise for those of you who are not truck drivers yet. It is usually 1 to 1 1/2 cents each year with a good trucking company.  Let me just round down and give you an idea what this is. One penny at 3,000 miles a week = $30 times 52 weeks = over $1,560 a year. Then add that quarter cent and you have about $2,000 a year.  This is every year so we never really are topped out with a good trucking company.

This puts us over 53 cents a mile this year and if you break out your calculator you will see this is a great truck driver salary. I don’t kill myself anymore trying to get miles like with most trucking companies. The fact is, I take so much time off anymore because I really don’t have to work hard to make a good living with my truck driver salary.

The trucking company I work for also has paid sick days, paid vacation and excellent health benefits. This company, and a bunch of other companies that pay truck drivers even better than the one I work for, are listed in the eBook “How to Make $65-$95,000 Driving a Truck and be Home Every Day!” Let me show you how to get one of these truck driver jobs in the fastest time possible!

Truck drivers at my trucking company start at around 44-45 cents a mile for solo drivers and team drivers starting pay is even higher. Truck drivers can be at the top of the trucking pay scale in 3-5 short years with a raise in pay every 3-6 months with most of these companies. If you are going to drive a truck why not make the best truck driver salary that you possibly can?

When I first started driving a truck, my truck driver salary was 27 cents a mile. With only three months experience I was hired by one of the best trucking companies in the trucking industry and started at 40 cents a mile. That same company starts truck drivers at around 44 cents a mile today and pays a truck driver salary of over 53 cents a mile after three years. The reality is if you were hired today and did three years you would probably be at around 56 cents a mile factoring in future cost of living raises each year.

If I would have stayed with the break-in company I started with I would be making around 32 cents a mile right now if I was lucky! When it comes to truck driver salaries you can see there is a big difference in pay for driving down the same highway. If you drove 3,000 miles in a week would you rather make $960.00 at 32 cents a mile or a mile? The sad truth is there are plenty of drivers doing it for $1,590 at 53 cents$810.00 at 27 cents a mile if they can even get 3000 miles. Then deduct for their benefits and there isn’t much left.

"How to Make $65-$95,000 Driving a Truck...and be Home Everyday" is an eBook guide about how I got one of the Best Truck Driver Jobs in the fastest time possible! I make more and am Home Everyday!  If you follow the steps outlined in this Ebook I have absolutely no doubt you might save yourself years of wasted time and money.

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How to Make $65 - $95,000 Driving a Truck and be Home Every Day"
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