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Absolutely the Best Truck Driver Jobs and Home Time in the Trucking Industry!

The Best Trucking Jobs

A Different Kind of Truck Driver Job!

Driving a truck for a living can be an exciting job and an adventure! Then about two months go by and you realize you are living in a truck on some kind of never ending camping trip with bad directions and dirty restrooms everywhere you go with hardly any time off. I realized early that if I continued on this path after several years I would be so miserable I would have no choice but to go back to my old job. I devised a plan and I executed it with success and the results were rewarding and amazing.

You really have few choices as a truck driver. You can listen to your peers in the entry level companies who will tell you that if you are lucky after 5 years or so you can get a better job or that you will be making more money. Just keep driving and be gone for two weeks at a time with only two days off making just enough money to survive and feed yourself while you are on the road hoping for a better tomorrow. One option is to quit right away. This is an option that the majority of people select. The problem with this option is if you went to a company sponsored school like I did they are going to come after you for the price of your training plus interest. Some companies will also put negative things on your D.A.C. report as retaliation for you leaving in an attempt to keep you from getting another job as well.

Another option would be to try to do what I did. I found a high paid truck driver job with a company that has jobs that put drivers home every day like a normal person. At home sleeping in a bed, showering in a private shower not at a truck stop! I am at home spending time with my family making twice the money of most truck drivers who are away for 2 - 3 weeks at a time.

Stop for a few minutes and ask yourself these questions:

*Have you ever been tired and the truck stops are all full? Do you want this situation? This problem will disappear!
*Have you ever had to walk 500 feet to the truck stop bathroom and it's dirty or closed? It is not fun but will happen every other day.
*Do you have to wait in line to pay for a shower? Do you want to? Most drivers by the smell of them don't.
*Have you ever had an emergency at home and you are days away? The stress of this happening can drive you crazy.
*Are you one of the highest paid truck drivers on the road? Do you want to be? I can't imagine driving down the road next to a guy making half the money he is.
*Why do some trucking companies offer a sign on bonus?(Do you think maybe it's hard to keep truck drivers?) Think about it!
*Why would a good trucking company need a recruiter? (The good ones don't waste a lot of money recruiting. They don't need to!)
*Do you pay rent or a mortgage for a house? How often are you home? Do you want to be home? If you want to hear about divorce ask a truck driver.
*How long are you going waste your time before you get a good career truck driver job? Most drivers never get one!

The Problem with the Trucking Industry!

The problem is that the highways and the internet are so full of bad information it's near impossible to find legitimate trucking information. A new truck driver will be mislead immediately by trucking recruiters, break-in companies, trucking schools and disgruntled drivers. Experienced drivers find out the hard way if they ever figure it out after wasting years of their valuable time and thousands of unearned dollars!

After going through the process of trying to gather trucking information, going to a truck driver training school, and then driving a truck over the road myself, I have witnessed it all first hand. I then stumbled into the truck driving job I have now and thought about all the bad information I had been given along the way. It frustrated me and I decided to make this information available to other truck drivers!

I went to a trucking school under the assumption that, as a truck driver, I would be away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time and maybe make 30-35 cents a mile after getting several years of experience. I had no idea I could get a job making the highest pay driving a truck and be home every day with little or no experience. No one is going to tell you that when you start out. They would rather you work for peanuts and have you believe that's as good as it gets!

This information is for new or experienced truck drivers. The ebook how - to - guide shown below was written to help you sort through all the nonsense and show you how to get the best truck driver job with a good trucking company and the ability to be home every day in the fastest time possible. I obtained my truck driving job with one of the best trucking companies in the industry and had only three months experience. I'll show you how I did it and how some people did it without any at all. That's right. There are ways to get these top paid trucking jobs without ever working for a break-in company.

"How to Make $65 -$95,000 Driving a Truck and be Home Every day!"

The Best Trucking Jobs

This Ebook guide will define what's important and what's not in the trucking industry, list the best trucking companies and how to get these truck driver jobs. You will receive:

The Best Truck Driver Jobs - What these trucking jobs are and how to get them with very little or possibly no experience! How truck drivers can be home everyday!

The Best Trucking Company List - The Best Truck companies and web site links to apply for these specific jobs! The good trucking companies rarley advertise!

Truck Driver Job Descriptions - What these drivers do and how they can be Home Everyday!

5 keys to success! - 5 key things that will Guarantee you any Truck Driver Job!

How to do it as fast as possible! - An aggressive approach for any level! A step by step plan of action.

How I did it in Three Months! - The truth about experience! I did it with only three months experience and there are ways to do it without any at all!

Bad/Misinformation! - Mistakes the majority will make that will prevent them from getting these jobs that you need to avoid and why!

"An archer cannot hit the bullseye if he doesn't know where the target is." - Anonymous

How to Use this eBook!

Experienced Truck Drivers

1. Read the eBook

2. Use the methods described in the eBook to apply for employment with the companies listed in the eBook

Inexperienced Truck Drivers

1. Read the eBook

2. Find and complete a truck driver training course and obtain your class A cdl.(truck driving schools involve classroom time and driving time usually around 3 -4 weeks then testing for a cdl license.Usually a driver works with a trainer for 2 -4 weeks with their first trucking company before going out on the road alone.)

3. Get hired and start working for a entry level trucking company.

4. Use the tips and methods in the ebook and apply for employment with the trucking companies listed in the ebook using the approach outlined in the ebook.



Price = $9.95!

Rich Truck Driver eBook Download

"My Co-workers!"

I get the same two responses from every co-worker who has looked at my E-book! "That's a good idea, because when I started truck driving I didn't know trucking jobs like this even existed!" and "I wish I had a book like that when I started driving a truck. It would have saved me Years of Wasted Time."


"I make over $75,000 a year and am home everyday working for a company listed in the richtruckdriver ebook. If your looking for a professional career as a truck driver this ebook is a must read!" -J.Thomas

"I was skeptical about ordering your ebook. You give great direction and I am satisfied with all the info I received." Thanks, Dean K.

"I read your ebook last night and was quite delighted. Being a single father to a teen daughter is no easy task and is no picnic when you only make 400 per week. I use to work Telecommunications Towers for approx. 16 years which I had to drive in all of the 48. Amazingly enough I have never had a ticket or accident in all my years of driving. I have been looking for a change of career and after reading your book I believe I have found my answer. Thank you once again for your informative book." M.A. Hellemeyer

"Just got done reading the ebook and thought I would send you a note. I have seen several of the company trucks you mention in your book and I never really new what they did. Your ebook was very helpful" V.Walker

"I make 63 cents a mile and am home everyday with my family. I never had to sleep or shower at a truck stop. I never worked for a break-in company. This ebook is right on the money!" Bob K.

"I've been thinking about changing my career at this point in my life due to the terrible real estate market out there, but kept hearing about trucking being a "lifestyle" and you have no choice but be out on the road for 2-3 wks at a time to make any money. Your book has me so gung-ho about driving now im hung up in what to do!" J.Duchnowski

Hi Troy, just got done reading your ebook and wanted to say (Thanks again). Being a new truck driver it has already greatly helped me. The Ebook section at the end is also very informative. It's nice to talk to positive thinkers as yourself. Thanks again Troy! Take care, Mike

Thanks Troy so much for sending me you ebook on truck driving. I enjoyed reading it very much and it has given me new hope. Good luck in all your ventures. Sincerely, J.R. Phillips


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