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Absolutely the Best CDL Jobs in the Trucking Industry!


 The Best CDL Jobs

Sure, you may have a $70,000 a year salary but how much do you actually get to keep after taxes?  Driving a truck  enables you to keep more of your earnings compared to most other occupations due to incredible tax breaks for CDL Drivers. CDL truck drivers can deduct almost anything and everything they purchase because it is all work related.  Some items included in the list for truck drivers: Laptop computers, internet service, satellite radio and subscription, cell phones and bills, all toiletries and cleaning products, uniforms and boots, tools, topped off with a $52 dollar a day per diem for meals.                                                                                                         
 The list of tax breaks for CDL A Jobs goes on and on. Put it all together at tax time and a truck driver with a CDL keeps almost every penny he earns. This gives a truck driver with a commercial drivers license more buying and investing power over a job with a similar gross income. It’s not how much you make that counts, it’s how much you actually keep that is important. CDL Truck drivers keep more!
 If you are in the market for a career change, you may want to give getting a CDL Career some serious thought. There are trucking jobs in this industry that start at $65,000 + and I am home everyday. I can be home with more of my earned income to do the things I like and can afford to do.

Other benefits of  getting a CDL include Job security. There is a  truck driver shortage that is growing larger each year and there are always CDL jobs available. Truck drivers can live anywhere they want and moving to an area where the cost of living is cheaper is one more benefit a truck driver has over a normal type job.

There are plenty of CDL training schools available for reasonable prices. I would advise you investigate exactly what type of trucking job would fit you best and gather as much information as possible before getting your CDL. Your goal should be to get the highest paid CDL Career Job in the fastest time possible!                      
 I wrote the Ebook listed below to show new and experienced truck drivers how I did just that!  Good Luck!

Price = $9.95!

Rich Truck Driver eBook Download

"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination."
Fitzhugh Dodson

Did you Know that their are truck drivers Making Over $65,000 a Year and are Home Everyday!

If I knew about CDL jobs like these I would have been driving years ago. Every one I talk to about truck driving thinks you have to be away from home and live in your truck. I explain to them the money I make and that you can be home everyday and their faces go white. Most of them spent a lot of money on a college education and worked there way up for years to where they are and still make less. Go figure. That’s when I decided to write ."How to Make $65-$95,000 Driving a Truck....and be Home Everyday!"

There are about 2 million truck drivers on the road and 50,000 new ones each year! Most will never figure it out. I talk to countless truck drivers every week who have been working for the same companies for years. These truck drivers make $30,000 to $40,000 a year and are only home every 2-3 weeks. I made more per mile my first year with my trucking company than I would have in 10 years for most companies!

 Fact !
You will never even Top Out working for most Trucking Companies at the Pay the Companies in this Ebook will start truck drivers at!

Some truck drivers make even more than i do! If truck drivers don’t know and break-in companies don’t know or wont tell you, how will you find out? When I finally got into truck driving I was sure I would be gone all the time. After stumbling into my job and finding out how many CDL Career jobs like mine existed I was a little irritated. Why is this information not available? Had I known I could make so much and be home all the time I would have done this years ago.

Price = $9.95!

Rich Truck Driver eBook Download

I make more than "The price of this Ebook" in Less than 1 hour driving for my trucking company!

If you are serious about getting a CDL and making some good money, Click the following  link I will pass your information along to one of the Best Trucking Schools in the Industry!

Absolutely the Best CDL Jobs  in the Trucking Industry!

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