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There is no such thing as free cdl training in the trucking industry. When you hear someone say free cdl training you need to get ready to hear some B.S.. The first thing you need to know is that there is really no such thing as a free trucking school. It might sound like it is but read the fine print.

There is always a contract associated with any type of company school or sponsored training. The only real way to go to a truck driving school for free is to get a grant if you qualify. This is free to you but the tax payers will have paid for it. Usually you have to be unemployed for a period of time along with other qualifying factors.

Trucking company cdl schools sometimes advertise free cdl training or a company sponsored school. They will pay for the cost of your tuition as long as you make it through their school and sign a contract to work for them for an extended amount of time. The problem with this can be if they let you go a couple weeks into the course. Your supposed free cdl training is now billing you for a couple thousand dollars and you didnít even get a commercial drivers license!

Read the contracts and you will see that if you are not passing the class you will be responsible for all or part of the cost of that tuition costs. If you pass the trucking school you are now obligated to work for that trucking company for a year at rock bottom wages. If you leave early you will be responsible for the cost of the supposed free truck driving school plus interest.

Choosing to go to an independent cdl training school can be the best option. A good trucking school will have job placement that offer tuition reimbursement packages paid over the amount of time you stay with that company. This can be your best bet giving you more options on where you want to work. Be cautious when you see these types of free offers!

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