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Free CDL Practice Tests

This is the general knowledge CDL test for you to practice on before you go to the DMV! Why risk not passing the exam the first time! Take a few minutes and take the CDL test and see how you score! You can take this CDL test as many times as you like! Below this General knowledge test is a Free CDL Hazmat Test for those of you needing to practice for your hazmat endorsment. Also listed below is the Air Brakes CDL Test and the Combination Vehicle Practice Test!

General Knowledge Test

Our Hazmat Practice Test

If you want to make money driving a truck you need to have your hazardous materials endorsement. You will have more job options with hazmat on your CDL and most trucking companies require it. This exam is the only one that is remotely difficult. The reason is simply because there are fewer questions on the Hazmat Test so you can get only a few wrong for a passing grade.

They keep changing the rules for the hazmat endorsement but as of right now you have to renew it every 6 years. We have put together a realistic hazmat practice test for you to get an idea what the test is like. This exam is graded for you and you can take the test as many times as you like. Study the proper section from any DMV study guide to get the information you need to pass this test. Good Luck!


CDL Hazmat Test

Air Brake Test

Below is a link to the Free CDL Air Brake Practice Test. This is one of the most important CDL Tests to practice and study. Unlike high school trigonometry you will need to know this information to effectivly drive a truck. You have to understand how air brakes work to be a truck driver. There are so many things that can go wrong with air brakes you will not be able to trouble shoot problems if you don’t understand how this system works.


The end result will be you sitting on the side of the road for hours waiting on breakdown or worse yet, driving off the edge of a cliff! Study the air brake section of any state study guide and take this air brake practice test as many times as you like!


Air Brake Test

Combination Vehicles Test

Combination vehicles are longer, heavier and require more driving skill than regular single vehicles. Drivers of combination vehicles will need more skill and knowledge than drivers of single commercial vehicles.

Below is a link to our combination vehicles CDL practice test. You should study the appropriate section from any DMV CDL manual and then practice on our CDL practice tests before you go take the real written exams.

Combination Vehicles Test

Doubles and Triples Test

If you plan on hauling double or triple trailer combinations you will need to get the double and triples endorsement on your drivers license. This is a short and simple practice test.

You should study the doubles and triples section from any state study guide and then practice on this site before you go take the real doubles and triples written tests.

Doubles and Triples Test

Tanker CDL Test

Driving tank vehicles requires a tank vehicle endorsement on your commercial drivers license. This is a our Tanker CDL Test and it is as close to the real one as possible. You should study the proper section from any state commercial drivers manual and practice this tanker test before you go take the real tank vehicle exam.

Tanker Test

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CDL Practice Tests for each state!

Alabama CDL Test
Arkansas CDL Test
Arizona CDL Test California CDL Test
Florida CDL Test Georgia CDL Test
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Indiana CDL Test
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Michigan CDL Test
Minnesota CDL Test
Mississippi CDL Test
Missouri CDL Test
Maine CDL Test
Maryland CDL Test Massachusetts CDL Test
Montana CDL Test
New Hampshire CDL Test
New Mexico CDL Test
New Jersey CDL Test
New York CDL Test
Nevada CDL Test
Oklahoma CDL Test Ohio CDL Test
Pennsylvania CDL Test
South Carolina CDL Test
North Carolina CDL Test
Tennessee CDL Test
Texas CDL Test
Virginia CDL Test
West Virginia CDL Test
Wisconsin CDL Test
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Washington CDL Test

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